21 Mar 2023 - 23 Mar 2023


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Innovative Strategies for Profitable Microfinance Management

The operating environment for microfinance operations has changed and will continue to evolve. How are microfinance practitioners coping? Are you aware of the changes? Do you know how to harness the benefits? Have the skills set of your workforce been updated? If one cannot confidently answer a resounding “yes” to all the preceding questions, then one may not be ready and equipped to cope with the changing environment.

Features of the savings and lending products, service delivery procedures, process automation, governance standards, enterprise-wide risks management, performance evaluation, and our social impact all need new strategies to be able to deliver our corporate goals and objectives in these times of national and global macroeconomic turbulence.
This program is designed to equip Microfinance practitioners with the skills and competencies required to build and manage resilient organizations that continue to prosper despite the uncertainties.

• Familiarize your staff with global trends in microfinance delivery
• Equip participants with competencies to diagnose institutional problems and proffer workable solutions
• Advance international best practices for microfinance management in the digital age
• Propose an innovative approach to enterprise risks assessment and management
• Introduce improved governance standards and best global practices
• Introduce framework for impact-based microfinance management
• Introduce strategies for consistent achievement of corporate goals
• Equip your staff to improve the overall performance and profitability of your institution

• Donors
• Microfinance Practitioners
• Development Finance Specialists
• Financial Inclusion Specialists
• Ministry of Finance Officials
• Developmental Agencies Staff
• Rural Finance Specialists

Module 1 – Harnessing the Benefits of Emerging Opportunities
This module will cover the developments in the Microfinance sector and how institutions should position themselves to harness the opportunities presented.

Module 2
– Strategic Planning and Successful Strategy Implementation
This module discusses the need for MFIs to develop strategies that fit the current economic environment and to put in place effective implementation and M

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