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After attending our training programmes, 97% of our trainees felt better prepared to solve their various business, financial and management challenges, succeed and grow.

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Our Objective and

To develop leaders who go beyond subject matter expertise to advance the practice of resourceful, creative and profitable management in every sector of the economy.

Our Training

Apart from the training programs we deliver in partnership with the UK Microfinance Association. L.A. Consult delivers a wide range of training programs by using the services of specialists that work with the company as required e.g. Industrial Engineers, Medical Doctors, University Lecturers etc. This way, we provide the best faculty for every training program we deliver. Our programs are designed with the high-quality contents and materials necessary to develop the required skills and behavioural changes that result in increases in productivity. Each participant is required to initiate the structures and steps essential for the adoption of lessons learnt on a continuing basis, thereby ensuring that they are willing and empowered to impact the organizations they work with and add lasting value and growth to the businesses. Programs are structured as both open and closed/ in house programs.

Upon careful consideration of each client’s circumstances and in collaboration with them, we provide bespoke, tailor-made trainings that satisfy any peculiar skills or behavioural deficiencies and gaps. This ensures that every training expense has a direct positive impact on productivity and profitability.

Our objective is to develop leaders who deliver high levels of personal and team productivity; leaders who go beyond subject matter expertise to demonstrate superior attitudes and values and so, advance the practice of resourceful, creative and profitable management in every sector of the economy.

Our Training

▪ Pre- program Evaluation Questionnaires
▪ Interactive Lectures
▪ Case Studies
▪ Role Playing
▪ Management Games
▪ Group Discussions
▪ Video Clips
▪ Action Plans

Most Popular
Executive Training

Management & Leadership

▪ Corporate Governance in SMEs
▪ The 21st Century Business Leader
▪ Leadership in Public Corporations
▪ Strategy Formulation and Implementation
▪ Leadership from the Middle
▪ Project Management
▪ Secretarial and Administrative Excellence


▪ Personal Financial Management
▪ Finance for Non-Finance Managers
▪ Pre- Retirement Planning

Sales & Marketing

▪ Effective Sales and Marketing
▪ Marketing Services


▪ Managing Bank Branches Profitably
▪ Bank Branch Operational Excellence

Training & Education

▪ Effective Education Management
▪ Train the Trainers
▪ Excellence in Communication


▪ Production and Operational Excellence

Customer Service

▪ Customer Service Excellence

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