17 May 2022 - 19 May 2022


₦200,000 or $750

Agriculture Value chain for microfinance and SME practitioners

This course on Agriculture Value chain for microfinance and SME practitioners provides an understanding of the gaps and challenges of agriculture finance. The programme would enable participants to sharpen their awareness of the fundamental issues of financing agriculture and agribusiness.

The programme considers different business models, and the available instruments for accessing financial
services. Furthermore, it examines the risk mitigation tools with innovative methodologies and systems that have worked.

The programme will use the case study approach and would highlight specific issues through an examination of case studies.

Participants will be encouraged to share their own experiences and facilitate the discussions throughout
the course. The course uses a case study approach to analyse what works and what does not in the context
of agriculture finance.

Program Topics:

  • Overview of agricultural value chains
  • Agricultural value chain finance- context and concept
  • Agricultural value chain finance- business models
  • Financing instruments
  • Receivable financing applied to agricultural value chain finance
  • Physical asset collateralization Instruments
  • Risk mitigation in agricultural value chain finance
  • Structured finance and financing enhancements
  • Facilitating tool in agricultural value chain finance
  • Lessons and course wrap-up
  • Islamic finance for agricultural value chain finance

Target Audience:

  • Microfinance practitioners
  • SME practitioners
  • Rural Development Agencies
  • Central bank officials;
  • International Development officials
  • Financial inclusion specialist;


N200,000 for local participants, and $750 for international participants

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